As of May 2031 the Jade Empire spans a little less than a third of the Chinese mainland. While the Sino Union technically holds more square-miles than the Jades, nearly all of China’s major cities and prosperous “special-economic zones” are firmly under the Emperor’s control.

Contested territory spans from north to south in a jagged cresset shape, mostly in part to Jade laser installations along the so-called Kuan-Ti Line. The heaviest fighting has been centered in the Sichuan region, formerly the heart of China’s industrial base and home of the famous Three Gorges Hydroelectric Facility.

Since Tibet’s declaration of independence amidst the chaos of the war, Tibet has remained officially neutral. Despite being seen as a potential ally by western leaders of the Alliance, so far the Sino Union refuses to recognize Tibet as a sovereign nation. To complicate matters, a key Union general has lead incursions into Tibet to “recover lost territory.” Fortunately, the Tibetan provisional government is wary of any pact with the Emperor due to brutal napalm strikes in the early days of the war.

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