JUNE 5 , 2009 :: Five stars for Issue #1!

The fine people at Comics Bulletin just reviewed Titanium Rain #1 and awared it a five out of five stars. As well, they had this to say...

"I haven’t seen such compelling visuals since Billy Tucci’s Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion series."

Read the full story here: Comicsbulletin.com


MAY 25 , 2009 :: More media attention!

First, ComicBookTrailers.com is featuring not one, but TWO! Yes two Titanium Rain video previews! See them here...

Video Preview 1

Video Preview 2

Second, the guys at Ain't It Cool News took a look at Titanium Rain #1 and had this to say...

"I’m going to keep my eye on this series. The art is absolutely mouth-watering and the premise is damn strong too. I’ll be checking in on June’s Previews to find out more on TITANIUM RAIN #1 for sure!"

Read the full story here: Ain't It Cool News


MAY 5 , 2009 :: Archaia Roundtable Interview.

Jen Contino over at The Pulse has posted a roundtable interview with Archaia talent. Titanium Rain creator, Josh Finney, is joined by the teams behind Awakening, Lone & Level Sands, and Robotika to talk shop and about their upcoming books. Also Josh tells all about Titanium Rain, his work outside of comics, and his odd habit of organ smuggling.

Read the full story here: The Pulse: "A Roundtable on Archaia's Return"


APRIL 28, 2009 :: Archaia in the news.

Comic Book Resource has published an excellent article about our publisher, Archaia Studio Press, and interviews the editorial staff. Well worth checking out.

Read the full story here: CBR, "Archaia Studio Press: Back In Business"


APRIL 15, 2009 :: Titanium Rain is back in action.

After a prolonged delay due to our publisher coming under new management, Titanium Rain will return to store shelves come August with a complete re-launch of the series.  With this re-launch Titanium Rain will move to a monthly schedule and will be released in an expanded "prestige" format.  This means you'll be getting 54 pages of Titanium Rain on a monthly basis.

With Archaia Studio Press (now simply called, Archaia) shifting to a more streamlined and networked operation, expect to see Titanium Rain and other titles receive better support, industry representation, and most importantly, better availability in stores.

For more information read our official press release.


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