Glitchwerk Studios
The graphic design house behind Titanium Rain. Go here to check out our other works.
Official website of our first comic series, Utopiates.
Archaia Studio Press
The online home of our publisher, and producer of may other fine books. We recommend
you pop over and check out the following titles: Artesia, Killing Pickman, and Awakening.

Recommended Listening
The mind behind the Titanium Rain sound track, Jonathan Sharp, has numerous guises and projects.
Visit the following sites to hear his lates works...

Summer Witch
Barking at Butterflies

The Bond of Saint Marcel
A new bi-monthly series written by the brilliant Jennifer Quintenz, and illustrated by Christian Gossett and Emil Petrinic. Highly recommended.
Emil Petrinic
Illustrator, Designer, Man of Action! Emil's work has graced the pages of The Red Star, The Bond
of Saint Marcel
, and will soon be gracing the supplemental pages of Titanium Rain. Check out his
portfolio here.

Marsh Rocket
Corporate mercinaries, explosions, & displaced space. Marsh Rocket is weekly web comic that
strikes a delicate balance of action, pathos, and oozing sick humor. Good stuff.

The Awakening
Zombie noir? Crazed comspiracy fiction? Satirical horror? This book is a little of all three. Well written and stunningly rendering, the Awakening is well worth your time. If you've never heard of this book I order you to visit the above link. Check it out. Buy it. Read it. Or I will beat you up and steal your candy.


Comic Geek Speak
The best comics podcast PERIOD. Highly recommended.

Indie Spinner Rack

Everything you ever wanted to know about indie comics.
Comic Related
A great Podcast / News Site / Forum about everything related to comics. And it's updated daily!

Comic News Insider
A top-notch weekly podcast with a unique insider perspective on the comic industry.

Comic Book Page
The podcast with the most comprehensive reviews, previews, and analysis of sales data.

Excellent podcast all about the darkside of comics and pop-culture.
Excellent daily comics blog & podcast.

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