Comics Bulletin - Issue #1 (re-launch) review.

Broken Frontier
- Issue #1 review.

Comic Related - Issue #1 review.

Comics Bulletin - Issue #1 review. - Issue #1 review.

Comic Geek Speak, Episode 160
The CGS crew chat with Josh & Kat about Titanium Rain, The Iron Man
movie, and science-fiction's place is in this post-millennial age.
Highly Recommended!

Comic Geek Speak, Episode 612
Not exactly a review, not exactly an interview, but HIGHLY entertaining.
At about 48:50 minutes into the show the CGS hosts receive some rather
odd voice-mails from Josh & Kat, and...

The hosts of SRU catch-up with Josh & Kat at San Francisco's 2009 Wonder Con.

Comic Book Page, episode 169
Josh & Kat discuss the finer points of creating a sci-fi war comic with
Comic Book Page broadcast.

Comics News Insider, episode 152
CNI names Titanium Rain #1 a "Pick of the Week."

Indie Spinner Rack, episode 75
The voice of the indie scene, ISR, interviews Josh & Kat...and over uses a
sound bite of famed indie artist Alec Longstreth chanting, "Ti-tan-eeee-um Rain!"

Comic Geek Speak, Indie Challange 2008
The Comic Geek Speak boys review and discuss Titanium Rain
as part of their monthly Indie Challange 2008



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