20 Minutes ito the Future, Ep, Gun Music Records
Black Feather, Lp, Doppler Effect.

The Flatline 2, Flatline Records
Motion Of, Hymen Records
Dystopian Visions, Dystopian Records
Krach Test, Ad Noiseam
Mute Frequency, Grinding Into Emptiness
Syncromesh:002, Syncromesh
Words, Becoming Vol. 1, Fleshmadeword
Dark Pathways Vol. 3: Variant Archive, Crunch Pod
Electro Age I: The Awakening, Latex Records

Snog, "The Future (Takshaka vs. Snog)"
Appears on Dystopian Visions compilation, Dystopian Records.

Railgun, "Schizm (Takshaka Remix)"
Appears on Delta V, Ep, Gun Music Records.

Mlada Fronta, "XB-33 (Takshaka Remix)"
Appears on Maschinenfest 2000 compilation, Pflichtkauf

Ammo, "An Unexpected Guest (Takshaka Remix)"
Appears on The Age Of Terminal Irony, Ep, Gun Music Records.

Hexedene, "Whiteout (Permafrost Remix)"
Appears on Bullet Proof Divas, Lp, Matrix Cube Music Group GmbH

SBC, "Die Isegrim Unterhaltu..."
Appears on Mute Frequency compilation, Grinding Into Emptiness